GRDsWeekly 130 – The End Is Nigh

We Don’t Usually Get Earthquakes

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GRDsWeekly 130 – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

  • Destroying the world again and again
  • We remain fascinated
  • Are there new ways left to do it?

Guess It Made Us Stronger

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One Response to GRDsWeekly 130 – The End Is Nigh

  1. Bill from Albuquerque says:

    Here are a few blasts from the past on genetic engineering and mutation gone wrong, post-apocalyptic diversions so the people don’t riot and Mother Nature out for revenge:

    from the ’50’s:

    The Amazing Colossal Man and its sequel War of the Colossal Beast. Our victim/protagonist is exposed to Plutonium in an atomic blast while running to get people out of ground zero. As an effect of being exposed and surviving the blast he grows to 70ft. tall then goes crazy. After terrorizing Las Vegas, he is supposedly killed at Hoover Dam. In the sequel, there are reports that something is raiding trucks in Mexico. We find out he survived the fight at the dam and is electrocuted in front of a busload of schoolkids.

    The Blob. Steve McQueen leads a bunch of townspeople against an alien blob that crashes to Earth and starts munching on anything in its path.

    Tarantula. Genetic scientist is doing research and his 22 day old mutated tarantula, about the size of a large house, escapes and creates havoc in the desert.

    The ’60’s and ’70’s:

    The Andromeda Strain. Biological Warfare Research gone bad.

    Kingdom of the Spiders. Spiders take over a small town and start attacking the townspeople. And I can’t believe this wasn’t mentioned in the show since The Shat starred in this movie when the rug on his head was actually good.

    Empire of the Ants. Giant ants enslaving humanity. With this much cheese, what’s not to like???

    Soylent Green. Charleton Heston plays a worker in one of the plants that makes this stuff and finds out its people. This was also the last picture for Edward G. Robinson who played his father.

    Death Race 2000. In a post-apocalyptic world, a cross country race where points are scored depending on the age and number of people you ran over to divert your attention from life. With a couple of no-name actors leading the cat at the time (David Carradine ans Sly Stallone) this had the blood, the gore allowed at the time, and nudity. What more could you want??? And since this was a Roger Corman flick, you know the cheese is there.
    Quite a few of these were probably on MST or would have been if they had gotten the rights.

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