GRDsWeekly 173 – GRD Meets KISS Meeting Others

Happy Halloween…. Come Watch A Bad Movie

The Beginning of Very Bad Things

The Feature

  • The World’s Greatest Band encounter a mad scientist and his robot creations as they perform at an amusement park. Will KISS unwittingly aid this mad genius in his insidious plot to take over the world?
  • Starring the band KISS, the guy who helped run Zion, Jack Abbot, the first Replicant to die, and a different actor dubbing Peter Criss/
  • Low budget, bad effects, terrible acting, and long stretches of people walking.
  • All this inspired by the KISS comic from Marvel

GRDsWeekly 173 –¬†GRD Meets KISS Meeting Others

  • The 1978 “Classic” NBC Movie
  • Cue Up Your Copy
  • Prepare For A Different World Of Pain
  • Send Us Your Best Lines…. Or Questions

Hope You Can Sleep…… ACK

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One Response to GRDsWeekly 173 – GRD Meets KISS Meeting Others

  1. Bill from Albuquerque says:

    When this came out, I remember there was a lot of alcohol flowing while watching this film (I and most of my friends were 16 at the time and our parents allowed us to drink at the house since they knew that if they said no we would find a way to do it no matter what, also they would laugh at those who were praying to the porcelain goddess the next morning after hearing them brag about how much they could handle or that they didn’t get drunk no matter how much they drank-and this was when the drinking age in Florida was 18, unless you were active military). And one of the cartoons misnamed was actually “Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch”. And most people were popping ‘Ludes at the time instead of heroin. Cocaine was just starting to become popular back then because LSD had lost its charm with some people. Magic Mountain was used for quite a few movies needing an amusement park back then because it opened in 1976 and still had that “new” look to it. EPCOT didn’t open until 1982. And it wouldn’t have surprised me if Bea Arthur had popped out and broke into song somewhere during the movie but she was on another network at the time (“Maude” was on CBS) and that wouldn’t have happened. And the funk music was the alternative used instead of Barry Manilow or Captain & Tennille since Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath were unavailable. And with Black Sabbath, I mean Ozzy.

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