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GRD Presents – Greg Cipes Q&A

From 2019: PRS was a guest of NC Comicon and was invited to host the Q&A with Greg Cipes, voice actor extraordinaire, including Michelangelo and Beast Boy! Enjoy!

Learnstitute 04 – Missing Doctor Who Eps

It’s tough to imagine that a franchise as important as Doctor Who wasn’t completely archived and kept in a vault to make sure that no moisture, mold, or Green Death could wreck them. PRS is back with a new Learnstitute … Continue reading

GRD Cinemistress 40 – Spider-Man: Far from Home

The Cinemistress swung into her local theater to check out Spider-Man: Far from Home! Does she like it? Did she get snacks? Can she do what a Cinemistress can? Listen to hear more, true believers!