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GRD Cinemistress 73: The Conjuring, The Devil Made Me Do It

It’s time to return to The Conjuring Universe. That delightful universe with ghosts, and demons and possessed dolls. Let pull another case file from Ed and Lorraine Warren’s history and then add a bunch of meaningless fiction to it! Why … Continue reading

GRD Cinemistress 72: Cruella

The Cinemistress wasn’t planning on seeing this movie. She isn’t a rabid 101 Dalmations fan (get it? RABID??). And she has some issues with the title character, as you will see. But the costumes looked too good to miss. So, … Continue reading

GRD Cinemistress 71: A Quiet Place, Part II

ASMR alert. The Cinemistress has once again ventured into a world overrun with creatures who react poorly to noise. Did we say poorly? We meant violently! Since the critters are so reactionary, she has lowered her volume for this review. … Continue reading