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GRDSweekly 284 – Live At RavenCon 13.5

2018 Could Not Contain RavenCon Geeky Week Flynstress Carol The Cinemisstress Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit Flynn Metricula Break Geek Gala GRDsWeekly 284 – Live At RavenCon 13.5 Blcokbuster Sho’ Nuff Oh Hell No The Con Thus Far More Centaurs Not All Who … Continue reading

GRDsWeekly 283 – Live @ Conregate 5

Thanks Congegate For All The Fun Geeky Week Carol PRS Kever Hawk Sera Flynn GRD Mail Bill Checks In Break Metricula GRDsWeekly 283 – Live @ Conregate 5 Syrinx’s Story Sho Nuff / Oh Hell No What We Been Doin What … Continue reading

GRDsWeekly 282 – Live @ BaltiCon 2018

Hello BaltiCon  Geeky Week Nutty Jason Banks Flynstress Flynn Break Nutty Bites GRDsWeekly 282 – Live @ BaltiCon 2018 Sho Nuff / Oh Hell No Musings Thank Ya BaltiCon Plan Your Next Con