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GRDsWeekly 278 – Bloopers 2017

The Unheard Bits Of GRD This Year   GRDsWeekly 278 – Bloopers 2017 The Flubs Tech Issues Operator Error Giggles Turns Out There Is Post Now We Close The Curtains Again

GRDsWeekly 277 – Legends of the Superheroes: The Challenging Commentary

Watch It With Us The GRD View Crew Flynstress Flynn Jessica Kever GRDsWeekly 277 – Legends of the Superheroes:  The Challenging Commentary We watch the the classic Legends Of the Superheroes The return of Adam West & Burt Ward Almost a … Continue reading

GRDsWeekly 276 – What A Wonder

We’ve Come A Long Way From Cathy Lee Crosby Geeky Week Flynstress Flynn GRD News Get That App Thanx So Much Patreon Geeps Subscribe to YouTube GRD Mail Jonthan & Vol2 GRD Con Report Where To Go To Get Your Geek On Intoxicant … Continue reading