Cinemistress – Carol

The Cinemistress, Carol the Cat, hails from the mountains of Colorado (she doesn’t speak of her early years in New Jersey) where she grew up devouring all things Tolkien, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who (the old stuff, please) and lots of horror movies. After a brief time on the road (she swears she never picked up any questionable hitchhikers), she settled in North Carolina where she worked for the Carolina and Arizona Renaissance Festivals for a large chunk of her life. She also served for several years as the Programming Director for ConCarolinas, where she learned to herd geeks and guests. Besides doing movie reviews for GRD, you can find her on the Guardians of the Geekery podcast and doing her own stuff on her website – If she’s not podcasting, crafting, eating fire or reading – you can probably find her at the movie theater. Her favorite film is Seven wait, it’s Alien..or maybe Psycho..or it could be The Shining. Look, she likes movies, don’t make her choose.

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