Summer Update June – July GRD

Hey, Geeps!  Summer, summer, summertime!

1) The Pub Crawl Audio is still in the works.  As soon as it’s edited, it will be released for your listening pleasure.  Thank you to everyone who came out, this was another amazing time!

2) The winner of the custom GRD stein is………ANNA!  She left the best voicemails…..Spence, it was really close!

If you didn’t win the stein, remember it and many other cool items can be yours at the GRD Gear Cafe Press Store. 

3)  The Flynns are moving.  We need to get closer to Richmond, and it’s all happening in the next few weeks.  So, there won’t be a show for a little bit, but we are not quitting!  We’re just taking a mini-break and we’ll be back mid-July.  We’ve got some great interviews lined up, and Dragon*Con is right around the corner.

See you in a sssWeek!

Love, Flynnstress, Flynn, and the Bruce!


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