Refried Scenes – Prom Night

Something new!! The Cinemistress and her friend Mia have been doing the podcast Refried Scenes over on the Poprika site. But Poprika is no more and Refried Scenes now has a new home at Geek Radio Daily! So, what is Refried Scenes? Well, for each episode, Carol and Mia watch a movie and its remake and determine which movie is better! Be warned, we spoil the movies. Also, we tend to drink a bit while recording, so anything goes!

In this episode, Carol and Mia take on the 1980 film Prom Night, and the 2008 “in name only” remake. Let’s boogie to some disco and then gaze at Idris Elba (what was he thinking starring in this?)! It’s Prom Night!

If you want to listen to any of the older Refried Scenes episodes, Poprika has uploaded them all to the YouTube! Check them out at Poprika Podcasts!
And while you are there – check out some of the other terrific podcasts that Poprika did. They will be missed!

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