Refried Scenes – Road House

So, what is Refried Scenes? Well, for each episode, Carol and Mia watch a movie and its remake and determine which movie is better! Be warned, we spoil the movies. Also, we tend to drink a bit while recording, so anything goes!

In this episode, Carol and Mia head to the Road House(s)! And they will be nice…until it is time to not be nice! First up, the classic 1989 Patrick Swayze Road House followed by it’s ‘kinda” remake from 2024! Yes, they know they were supposed to do a different set of movies, but they could not resist the call of the Double Deuce. And remember, pain don’t hurt.

Carol and Mia are still working on a graphic and theme song for this show – so just know that this starts and ends without music!

If you want to listen to any of the older Refried Scenes episodes, Poprika has uploaded them all to the YouTube! Check them out at Poprika Podcasts!
And while you are there – check out some of the other terrific podcasts that Poprika did. They will be missed!

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