GRD Cinemistress 76: Black Widow

The Cinemistress stopped on her way home from an actual, in-person convention (remember those?) to hit the theatre and watch – Black Widow! No, not the one starring Debra Winger. The Marvel one. That’s right! There is finally another Marvel Movie! The MCU continues! Should we commence with the rejoicing or should this have stayed on the shelf? Would The Cinemistress advocate for any Marvel movie to stay on a shelf? Listen and find out!

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GRD Cinemistress 75: Censor

The Cinemistress had a blind date with a movie. She walked into a theatre and sat down to watch a film she knew nothing about…again. She input redacted sat down input redacted to watch input redacted a debut input redacted film from a input redacted new director – Censor! Hopefully the review will not be as censored as this paragragh!

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Geek Radio Daily July 2, 2021

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