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GRD Cinemistress 135: Barbenheimer movie #2 – Oppenheimer

For the second half of her Barbenheimer double feature, The Cinemistress watched Christopher Nolan’s newest film Oppenheimer!

A three-hour biopic of the father of the atomic bomb seems like an odd choice to be a summer blockbuster, but here we are! You could make the argument that this movie is riding Barbie’s fashionable coattails, what with the whole Barbenheimer onslaught, but who cares? This movie stands on it’s own merits and is well worth the hype! Find a comfortable IMAX theater to watch this in, you will be there a while!

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GRD Cinemistress 134: Barbenheimer movie #1 – Barbie

The Cinemistress has never been a Barbie Girl, nor has her world been a Barbie World. As she has previously mentioned, she wanted to be an archaeologist and Jurassic Park Barbie wasn’t a thing then. So, it was with a bit of hesitation that she went to see, Barbie!

As this pink tsunami of a movie washed over her – The Cinemistress began to wonder if it really was a Barbie World after all. All she could say is, hop into your Dream Mobile and get yourself to this movie! And remember, you are Kenough.

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